Canvas: A New Digital Learning Environment for UvA & VU

September 7, 2017

Canvas offers tools to renew and enrich education

Andy Pimentel (Education Director and Associate Professor, Informatics Institute UvA) is in the steering group of the project preparing the introduction of the new digital learning environment Canvas.

“… we have taken a critical look at the key requirements for a learning platform to provide good and attractive academic education… Canvas stood out as the best. It has a very clear graphical interface. Another strong point is that it is an open (standard) and flexible system, so you can make the most of it as a faculty. We have made the tender together with the VU. This was important … because we have many joint degrees … We want to offer students and teachers …one learning environment.”

Canvas has a central core and a central shell that provides education-based services, or learning tools, which all faculties can use. In addition, each faculty has a personal discretion to include learning tools that are important for their specific education.

From September 2018, all UvA courses will be using Canvas. Blackboard is only available as an ink-viewing environment.

The Amsterdam knowledge institutes are working towards incorporating more blended learning approaches in education. More interaction and classroom dialogue, with more small working groups in which they can talk about the content rather than lectures with less interaction.

The number of students has grown rapidly in recent years.

‘Blended learning also gives us the opportunity to teach large groups of students without compromising on quality. We are now using e-learning successfully for the Master of Information Studies, which includes students from all over the world…”

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