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Your expertise in working with big data will allow any type of organisation to gain new insights and make informed decisions. The need for Data Scientist who can help organisations in those jobs is high. To give you a clear picture of the opportunities, here are some examples of data science working in the real world:

  • Healthcare: Computer algorithms are already better in analysing medical images (like MRI, CT or PET scans) than human doctors.
  • Business: The revenue management system in the leisure sector is completely based on algorithms. Using all kinds of data sources – your own surfing behaviour, the weather, the popularity of a flight or hotel room – prices can differ every minute.
  • Law: An A.I. lawyer can already take over a part of the research work of human lawyers. It reads and scans juridical contracts, for instance to find deviations in details.
  • History: Computers are now smart enough to understand large portions of newspaper articles, in order to help put big events into historical perspective.
  • Smart Cities: City analytics are developing fast, for example in the field of image recognition via camera use.
  • Security: Datasets are used to analyse big ‘marijuana networks’ in the Netherlands, resulting in some interesting findings that would never come up without data scientists. For example, that it is better for the police to focus on the technology-savvy people in these networks, instead of the big bosses.