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All Data Science Education in One Place

Amsterdam has a lot to offer everybody who would like to study in the field of Data Science. The School tries to help and give insight on all the possibilities. Amsterdam offers a lot of possibilities and the Amsterdam School of Data Science helps to figure out what fits with your needs.


Being the number one Data Science hub for education and research.


Giving insights on the Data Science possiblities in education as part of the Data Science ecosystem for society and business to stimulate and show the need of stuyding data science.

Data Science is unavoidable! The Amsterdam School of Data Science brings together all data science related education in Amsterdam to provide you with the most extensive offering in Europe. From computing and technology to analysis and applications, we offer students the unique opportunity to both specialise in one data science discipline and work together in interdisciplinary teams on data challenges. Using our course finder you will be able to see all the data science programmes offered by the Amsterdam Universities.

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