Why Amsterdam?

Known worldwide as a hub for technology, Amsterdam boasts not only the businesses that collect big (and small) data, but also the educational institutes that teach students how to interpret and analyse it. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a data science field helps students navigate and excel in the increasingly data-driven business world, especially when it’s undertaken in one of the most advanced cities in Europe.

Why Amsterdam? Five reasons to study data science in Amsterdam

  1. Amsterdam is a great place to live. It’s one of the smartest, safest and most diverse cities in the world. Known for its canals, museums and bicycles, Amsterdam has something to offer for everyone. Get inspired.
  2. The Amsterdam School of Data Science is part of a very strong ecosystem, combining research and entrepreneurship. Because of the partnerships between the universities, there is no other city in Europe where you will find such a broad and comprehensive offering of data science education.
  3. You are welcomed into our vast network of top researchers and data science companies. As a student, you get instant access to seminars and exclusive events, as well as contacts—and potential employers—within international finance, healthcare and publishing companies. Students have the opportunity to dive into data in the real world, and even get started on their own business with the support of ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship).
  4. There’s a reason why Amsterdam is known worldwide as a hub for technology. Over 90% of Dutch companies that work in the data science field are based in the area of Amsterdam.
  5. Finally, we simply offer you world class education. With over 600 researchers – including some real industry stars – and 100 courses, Amsterdam is the number 1 place to study data science.