Econometrics and Data Science: A new Bachelor specialization at VU Campus in Amsterdam

February 27, 2017

The Bachelor Econometrics and Data Science specialization at the VU Campus in Amsterdam will offer you an inspiring and challenging study that is ideal for today’s digital world

The Econometrics and Data Science specialization is internationally-oriented, fully taught in English, and will provide you with the necessary theoretical knowledge to succeed as an econometrician and data scientist for:
    • Companies providing services on the internet, such as Google, Amazon and
    • Banks, financial institutions and consultancies, such as ING, ABN Amro and Deloitte
    • Economic decision centers, Research institutes, Central Banks and Governments
After having completed the Econometrics and Data Science Bachelor, you can become a specialist in analyzing complex economic and financial data. With your unique knowledge you can help shape the operations and marketing strategies of companies, the performances of banks, or the decisions of governments.
The disciplines at the core of the Econometrics and Data Science specialization: mathematics, computer science, statistics, econometrics, machine learning, economics, finance and marketing. With this specialization you will also explore the strong connection between econometric and machine learning techniques. This is a unique and promising feature of the Econometrics and Data Science specialization.
“There are a number of opportunities for fruitful collaboration between econometrics and machine learning.” Hal Varian (Chief Economist at Google)
This specialization will help you to develop an integrated perspective to Econometrics and Data Science. You will learn to think analytically and gain a balanced overview of diverse and interconnected issues on collecting, analyzing, modeling and forecasting data. You will also learn how to visualize data and how to present your findings, results and conclusions. The Econometrics and Data Science study is a technical and hands-on study that will prepare you for any future!
Are you ambitious? Do you like mathematics? Are you internationally oriented? Do you want to develop your computer skills? Are you intrigued by the Big Data challenges in our societies? Do you want to enhance your analytical skills? Are you prepared to cross boundaries and borders? Do you want to study Econometrics? If so, we would be happy to welcome you as a Bachelor student Econometrics and Data Science at our VU Campus in Amsterdam, close to the Zuidas.
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