Increase in student numbers for AI Bachelor & Masters & Information Studies Masters

November 1, 2017

Numbers are on the up for our Programmes

For the 2017 academic year, the Artificial Intelligence Bachelor programme welcomed 146 new students (versus 128 in 2016). The AI Master also saw a considerable increase in first-year intake: 78 in 2017 (versus 51 in 2016). Enrolment in the Information Studies Master rose from 80 to 100.

For the Faculty of Science in general, the first year enrolment numbers remained roughly the same compared to the previous year. A total of 1132 students started their Bachelor’s education at the Faculty (1177 in 2016), while 536 started with a Master’s programme (521 in 2016).

The current numbers are provisional; the definitive numbers are expected in February 2018.

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