New HvA Digital Society School

August 4, 2017

A new HvA initiative, the Digital Society School, has been announced with close to 33 million euros investment from the HvA, local business and the municipality of Amsterdam. In the coming years the Digital Society School will be able to receive around 12,000 students. Students will learn how digital technology can be better integrated into different layers of society.

The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam is growing and demand for (international) digital talent is rapidly increasing . This calls for new education models and short, modular education. The Digital Media and Creative Industry Faculty of the HvA addresses this by starting the Digital Society School. The HvA will cooperate with the UvA and VU also to achieve these goals.

Education will be flexible so that it is possible to respond to topics that are current and trending in society and business. Students will have the option to learn through a range of formats including: minors, online courses, digital camps and executive education programmes. This will create an important hub for trend-related, digital knowledge and hands-on cases.

For more information (in Dutch) please see the AUAS/HvA website HERE