Our School Features in AMS: The Talent Issue

August 16, 2017

Amsterdam’s home advantage

Amsterdam’s enviable position as one of the world’s most competitive economies and business climates relies on a highly-skilled international workforce. To maintain its advantage, the city has set about attracting talent…

…As business continues to thrive (in Amsterdam), with increasing numbers of multinational companies and adventurous start-ups setting up shop … talent is in hot demand. …working collaboratively to attract employees from overseas, Amsterdam is leading the way by providing an exceptionally high standard of education…

A highly-educated workforce

Collaboration is also the ethos behind the recently-opened Amsterdam School of Data Science. This venture shares knowledge and resources between the VU, UvA, AUAS… Amsterdam’s reputation in the increasingly data-driven world of business will undoubtedly benefit from more graduates in this field. By offering a wide choice of study programmes, the Amsterdam School of Data Science is set to attract ambitious talent from around the world.

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