Vacancies and Internships at Amsterdam Science Park

February 8, 2017

A growing number of life science and high tech companies are choosing Amsterdam Science Park as their home base. To allow them to make optimal use of the available talent pool of Faculty of Science and AUC students, an online matching portal went live. The website also allows students to search for internships and vacancies at companies and research institutes located at Amsterdam Science Park.

Amsterdam Science Park is home to one of the largest concentrations of beta sciences in Europe. This unique juncture of prestigious education, high-quality research and knowledge-intensive business has been carefully cultivated to stimulate innovation and collaboration. With the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Science, the Amsterdam University College, dozens of renowned research institutes and some 120 companies – from start-ups to multinationals – all working in the fields of IT, Life Sciences, advanced technology, and sustainability, Amsterdam Science Park has become a vibrant melting pot where business, science and innovation meet.

The portal can be found HERE